Forked Tree Ranch
Wholesale Maggots/Spikes & Blue Bottle Flies - Locally & Organically Grown in Idaho - Serving Canada and the United States

Wholesale Live Fishing Bait (Maggots) and Disposable Pollinators (Blue Bottle Flies)

Forked Tree Ranch is one of the largest growers and distributors of live organically grown fishing bait maggots/spikes in the United States, providing top quality bait maggots year-round.

We also offer blue bottle flies for pollinating purposes, in large and small quantities. Our flies have been used successfully in research seed pollinating, cage pollinating, and on many crops where bee pollinating used to be the norm.

You may have heard of Forked Tree Ranch when our maggot farm was featured on Discovery Channel's "Dirty Jobs". But our high quality maggots are just the beginning of what we offer here at Forked Tree Ranch.

Located near the Canadian Border in beautiful Northern Idaho, Forked Tree Ranch, Inc. is family owned, family operated business with several branches (if you'll excuse our pun).

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